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Our new Game Uniforms have 3 pieces:

  • Reversible game jersey

  • "shooter" tec-undershirt

  • shorts

Game uniforms are mandatory. 

Kids cannot play without them.

The cost is $0.00  (FREE thanks to CanShakes)

Each parent MUST place the order by Sunday 3/17 midnight.

You may order additional game uniforms for a fee.

We will also have a store open next week for other clothing



Reversible Game Jersey-  They are worn over pads.   They seem to run small.    See images page for examples.  Sizing chart is below.  I suggest that you try on the samples.  When in doubt, order a size up.  I will have samples at the Friday practice and can bring them to you at the can shake on Saturday.

tops 1.png
tops 2.png
reversible game tops sizing.png
Game Shorts-  The waist is true to size, and the length is a little long in the style of lax shorts.
shorts sizing.png
Shooter Shirts-  these short sleeve tec shirts are worn under the pads and it is intended that they are worn to school on Fridays if we have a game that weekend.   They are true to size.
shooters sizing.png
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